Custom made costumes – mascot costumes to order!

Frenzy Creative Custom made costumes Mascot Costumes and Promotional Costumes (creators of custom made costumes) are often approached by organisations of all kinds that understand that costumes of all types are quickly and cheaply available… so why work with us? More often than not it’s because when companies want custom made costumes, they want them made to order to quite a strict specification and they trust our methods!

Frenzy offer a design service: see the process of making a mascot costume here!

Quite often, other companies ask that you provide your own visual before they will embark on production. Frenzy offer a 3D service. We also offer artwork for commercial use at a fraction of the price of a graphic designer.

Mascot costumes uk
Peace of mind ordering with sign off visuals for custom made mascot costumes

So – when you talk to a provider that says ‘computer says “no”‘ when you ask for a design, or you’re presented with a clipart visual of a meerkate that looks like a dog with a long neck, remember – peace of mind mascot costume ordering is with Frenzy Creative

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