Top Cat by Frenzy Creative Promotional Mascot Costumes ( is premiered!

It’s always difficult for film production companies to decide who can create impact at premieres for animated movies… and we’ve been helping out when we can – what better than Frenzy Creative promotional mascot costumes?

Recently we were approached by Vertigo Films to create promotional mascot costumes of  Top Cat  to promote the film and appear at various public events.

Top Cat Mascot Costume
Richard McCourt (Dick n Dom) with Frenzy Creative’s mascot costume of Top Cat

Frenzy Creative have provided costumes for numerous red carpet premieres throughout Europe because we are trusted to be true to provided designs.

Frenzy Creative Promotional mascot costumes are created with the help of digital technology – every client receives a 3D visual to show how their promotional mascot costume will look. All of the costumes are hand made in Manchester by a team of experienced creatives. Clients often benefit from visiting Frenzy’s unique studio – to gain an understanding of how mascots are made – and to also select fabric samples.
Frenzy Creative also have invested in a fabric printing process which is invaluable when creating branding for promotional  mascot costumes. Do visit Frenzy Creative Promotional Mascot Costumes website to find out more about the service offered.

Top Cat premiered on June 1, 2012.

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