Frenzy Creative’s Mascot Costumes help train Police Horses!

Welcome to the First post by Frenzy Creative – one of the UK’s best providers of Mascot Costumes and Promotional Costumes!

We intend to present some really helpful information via this blog about our industry. We hope that the information will be of value to potential purchases but also be of interest to people generally. Like today’s update!

We’ve been working with ‘Salford Reds’ for sometime, and they took delivery of their new mascot “Neville the Devil” recently. We received this image of him involved in training already!

Mascot Costume as designed by Frenzy Creative
Face to face

The Police involve teams and clubs in the training of their horses and, of course, they have to become accustomed not only to crowds and noise but also the mascots! If they can cope with Neville – they should be able to cope with anything!

Frenzy Creative Mascot Costumes have worked with Salford Reds on two occasions to produce their mascot. Since this mascot was originally produced, the process of having mascots created with Frenzy now includes an element of 3D design.

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