Mascot Costumes produced in the UK with the application of 3D graphics and technology!

For many of our clients, it’s the first time they have bought a mascot costume and they need to be sure that what they receive when the box arrives from us is all that they wanted. So, we’ve invested over the last three years in a range of technologies that allow us to provide a service that leaves nothing to chance!

1) Mascot costumes 3D visual. Even if you provide us with a 2D graphic, we’ll investigate the scale, proportion and silhouette in 3D. This really leaves nothing to chance!

3D exploration of mascot costumes
Frenzy Creative mascot costumes use 3D artwork as the first stage of mascot costume production

Our in-house 3D artwork facility allows an exploration of the mascot costumes with branding too!

We can zoom in and have a look at the mascot costumes from all angles
The 3D entities of the mascot costumes can be manipulated to show how characters will look from all angles

We can (at the touch of a button) zoom in on any view. Side view shown here, but we can even explore ‘from the top’ !

mascot costumes created using 3D technology
…and here they are – the mascot costumes created to 3D specification… the client was thrilled!

and here are the finished mascot costumes.

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