Mascot costumes are all the same, aren’t they?

Mascot costumes
Dragon Mascot Costume

When I started working on the Frenzy Creative Mascot Costumes project I knew very little about mascots! In fact, I identify strongly with the majority of the many enquiries I handle every day. Company mascots, Charity mascots, School mascots – an idea is ‘hatched’ and the Google search begins!

One thing is for sure, whilst all the costumes you see on the various websites may all have similarities, quite often they are very different. The final decision to purchase will be based on budget/ aesthetic and buying experience – but quite often clients think they can sacrifice aesthetic to achieve a low-budget purchase. However, this can quite often mean disappointment on receipt – whilst we’d never say that there aren’t genuinely good offers to be had out there!

Some mascot costumes (even by companies with “UK” in their domain names) are made off shore. Some are ‘off the shelf’ and can be modified, others are fully bespoke. So doesn’t that present a great opportunity for money saving? Definitely, but it very much depends on the client requirement. Often, costumes that are imported may be made in such a way that they can be transported easily – flat. This may mean that the heads are made out of a more sponge like kind of foam and bodies may have wire infrastructures so that they can be re-shaped when unpacked. Sounding good? Well, mascot costumes are HOT! There’s no escaping that fact – and wearers will sweat – A LOT! So costumes that have a more sponge like foam infrastructure will be difficult to maintain and may often start to smell. If you have more than one wearer then this could prove problematic – for obvious reasons. Wire infrastructures can take time to re-shape and often can cut into the fabrics.

Frenzy Creative Mascot Costumes are made bespoke. The heads are made from a non-absorbent material (like yoga mats, or swim floats). Thin and lightweight, they can be cleaned after every use with an anti-septic wipe. We have a proprietary method of making full body machine washable shapes. Hand made, in Manchester with a full guarantee. We’re not the cheapest supplier, but we’re certainly not the most expensive and we have clients that have purchased cheaper and more expensive costumes who can provide an impartial appraisal of what we do.

We like to think that Frenzy Creative costumes are better. But we would, wouldn’t we?

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