Maskottchen Kostum, Mascottes, Mascots – great by any name! … but not great from every supplier!

It seems that not only the UK have taken mascots to their hearts! Here at Frenzy Creative we provide a lot of solutions, globally.

Why? Aesthetic versus cost is the big issue. The global economy means that every penny, Euro cent or dollar counts! So, with this in mind, Frenzy are often chosen as a mascot costume supplier because the solutions look amazing – they’re custom made and very durable – but they don’t cost the earth! Some suppliers charge 50% – 100% more and quite often their aesthetic just isn’t quite there – or purchasers can’t see any benefit from the increased spend.

Together with this, included in the price of a mascot is a visual to show you what your character might look like and, if you need commercial artwork, this is also available in 2 or 3D.

Maskottchen kostum ab UK! Why not?