Retail Mascot Costumes – promotional mascot costumes for your store!

Hard times in the retail sector means cost effective and innovative ways to increase footfall and brand loyalty – by using Retail Mascot Costumes!

Here at Frenzy Creative we’ve been working with some high profile retail clients over the past 12-18 months who all have the same aim: how to attract customers and how to keep customers….! Facebook provides a great opportunity for brands to keep in touch with their audiences, and many brands are adopting ‘faces’ – a way of keeping their facebook pages interesting and interactive.

The ‘face’ of a brand can be active online and offline, below the line or above the line! If you really think about it, you’ll begin to count the number of brand ambassadors ripe for creation into retail mascot costumes – if they already aren’t!

Store opening mascot costumes
Holland and Barrett asked us to create Mr H and Mr B from their tv ads for store openings and UK wide promotional activity

Frenzy Creative Mascot Costumes can provide artwork as part of the strategy process, or that is fundamental to it. We can hand hold you through every part of the process of getting your mascot costume made. Visit our site for more information and case studies!

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