Seagull Mascot Costumes – mascot costumes to promote change in behaviours!

Over the years of producing mascot costumes, one of the most popular we have created is the Seagull!

Mascot costumes by Frenzy Creative
Seagull Mascot Costumes are very popular from Frenzy Creative

But why are these particular mascot costumes so popular? Some clubs and societies have had the seagull as their mascot for many years. But the rising issues connected to seagulls in seaside resorts does seem to have also increased orders for these mascot costumes from Town Councils and Local Authorities to promote behaviours from tourists: do not feed the seagulls being the message!

And this is so for many types of initiative. The success of local authority initiatives is measured by participation and what better way than to engage with the public than a mascot costume?


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