Mascot Costumes 2017: Best wishes from Frenzy Creative

At Frenzy Creative – one of the UK’s largest manufacturer of bespoke mascot costumes – we are always looking to improve what we do

In 2016, we experienced unprecedented demand for our mascot costumes. This led to us consider how best we could adapt to increased sales activity. One of the biggest business improvements that we made was to invest in a state of the art project planning suite. Whilst this makes life easier when planning the manufacure of the many mascots we create (863 during 2016!), it also provides our clients accurate information about every stage of our process.

When Frenzy Creative was born, it was intended that we would always provide a ‘different’ approach to the industry. We like to lead the way creatively and technologically. Looking back, it’s clear why we’ve grown so quickly:

  • First UK Manufacturer to offer 3D Mascot Costume design services
  • First UK Manufacturer to offer 3D build technology including 3D printing
  • First UK Manufacturer to offer state of the art in-house fabric printing
Mascot costumes 3D design

Mascot Costumes uniquely designed in state of the art 3D software

Clearly we want to continue to provide the best possible product and service in the UK and across the world where our services seem to be ever increasingly in demand. Over the next few updates, we’ll be sharing more information about the exciting projects we are working on. You can also see regular updates on Facebook and other social media sites.

If you are looking for a mascot costume, then please do make contact.

Our website is designed to provide you with key insights into the process of having a mascot made and to inform you of everything you need to know before making a decision about where to purchase your mascot from.

We look forward to hearing from you in 2017

Mascot Costume created for BBC Match of the Day Kickabout by Frenzy Creative

During the Autumn of 2014, we were pleased to be contacted by the BBC once more to help them create a mascot! The CBBC programme ‘Match of the Day Kickabout’ is an early morning football related edition aimed at youngsters. One of the regular presenters is John Farnworth who is an expert at footy related tricks!

It was great to meet the Producers of the show and John himself at the initial meeting. They were impressed with the level of detail we could enter into to provide them reassurance about how the resulting mascot ‘Farnworth’ would look. The design work would be undertaken in Cinema 4D and rendered for approval.


Whilst the producers were at the Frenzy Creative studio, they were intrigued to understand if we’d be interested in having parts of the production process filmed in house. After completing a days filming, it was also confirmed that they’d like to film the ‘links’ for the Saturday morning show as if the show was being presented at Frenzy HQ.

The resulting footage shows a great insight into us and what we do and you can see it all on our fun mascot tv page ‘FrenzyTV’.


For more information about our mascot costumes, please contact us via our website:






Mascot maker Frenzy Creative now offering custom printed fur solutions

Fur is widely available in the UK in all sorts of piles and colours. More difficult to find is quality fur in every shade required. Also, quite often, designers may want gradation and shading in a fur texture.

Frenzy Creative, one of (if not the) largest mascot costume manufacturer in the UK have been investing in technology heavily over the last 5 years and now offer sublimation printed fabrics to match pantones. The new development is the custom printed fur option. Frenzy can now print logos, stripes, custom colours to add to the multi various colours available off the shelf.

Mascots made with digitally printed fur

Frenzy Creative mascot costume makers now offer costumes with the option of digitally printed fur









Frenzy Creative Limited are one of the, if not THE, largest manufacturer of bespoke mascot costumes, promotional costumes and character costumes in the UK. Shipping all over the world they offer a unique 3D process.

Existing company characters brought to life as character costumes for promotional use by Frenzy Creative Limited

Often the cause of much debate and frustration: how do we create a character costume for our existing face of the organisation?

Two issues: budget and quality leading to two questions: “what’s the budget?” and “who will do the job well?”

The process of creating a character costume has two parts. Firstly the design. Some organisations already have the 2 or 3D. Frenzy Creative Character Costumes offer a one-stop shop for organisations looking to embark on ‘character development’.

We can produce 2D or 3D designs or manipulate existing designs to explore suitability for human wearers.

Bringing the company character to life as a character costume

Little Big Shot trusted Frenzy to do justice to their existing character design and create their character costume

So, budget? With prices offered as ‘middle of industry standard’ with high quality service, Frenzy Creative’s character costumes are a “win win” choice for this kind of project!


For further information about the design of mascot costumes or creation of mascot costumes, please click here to visit our main site and make contact