Existing company characters brought to life as character costumes for promotional use by Frenzy Creative Limited

Often the cause of much debate and frustration: how do we create a character costume for our existing face of the organisation?

Two issues: budget and quality leading to two questions: “what’s the budget?” and “who will do the job well?”

The process of creating a character costume has two parts. Firstly the design. Some organisations already have the 2 or 3D. Frenzy Creative Character Costumes offer a one-stop shop for organisations looking to embark on ‘character development’.

We can produce 2D or 3D designs or manipulate existing designs to explore suitability for human wearers.

Bringing the company character to life as a character costume
Little Big Shot trusted Frenzy to do justice to their existing character design and create their character costume

So, budget? With prices offered as ‘middle of industry standard’ with high quality service, Frenzy Creative’s character costumes are a “win win” choice for this kind of project!


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