Mascot Costumes – demand is high in 2013

Frenzy Creative is one of the UK’s largest mascot makers and 2013 has seen demand increase from all kinds of industries.

Company Mascots are ever popular, but recent sales have shown that traditional fmcg brands aren’t the only types of business that want company mascot representation at exihibitions. We are seeing an increase in enquiries from ‘behind the scenes’ brands whoa are ever keen to engage with their customer base with a face!

Mascot design is often quite difficult for some organisations – whether is doesn’t fall into their skills set or a decision about what kind of mascot to have can’t be made – and here at Frenzy we are more than happy to spend time with clients at our studio in Manchester to discuss all options.

And, of course, we have a 3D design service which we believe to be unique to the size of company we are and, of course, we don’t charge for this service.

For further information about the design of mascot costumes or creation of mascot costumes, please click here to visit our main site and make contact