Mascot Costumes for sale – made bespoke in the UK

The mascot costume market is greatly expanding. Many organisations and individuals now offer their services supplying them and they vary in the way they are made and where they are made. Frenzy Creative offer mascot costumes for sale and they are all handmade in the UK

‘Off the shelf’ mascot costumes for sale can be more like ‘fancy dress’ costumes – they are quite often flat shipped in from other countries and are constructed to facilitate this rather than to maintain shape, form or resemblance of what it is meant to be. We call these ‘sleeping bag costumes’ and they are great value, in our opinion, for short term or one off usage.

The true mascot costume industry is the bespoke industry. Companies that make mascots to a provided design, or that offer a design service, with a high degree of replication, a shape and form that often can disguise human wearer proportions and durable enough for ongoing use. This is the part of the industry that Frenzy Creative has ‘taken by storm’ since its formation in 2004.

Mascot costumes for sale
Examples of mascot costumes created by Frenzy Creative

So, when looking for mascot costume for sale ensure that they offer a good quality design service, that they make all of their costumes in-house (no outsourcing overseas) and that they have the skills and ability to make any necessary changes/ repairs required in the future.

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