Mascot Costumes seen in select circles!

We’ve been so busy making mascot costumes, that we’ve not had chance to upload all of the images to our website or Facebook page! So for now, we’re just posting the most interesting!

Like Mr Windscreen for example. Within seven days of leaving us for his new home, he was seen fraternising with the Irish PM, Enda Kenny!

Mr Windscreen by Frenzy Creative Mascot Costumes meets the Irish PM
Mr Windscreen by Frenzy Mascots meets the Irish PM Enda Kenny

Only a couple of months ago our Top Cat was seen with Boris Johnson and our Holey Moley for Cancer Research was pictured with over 30MPs

Mascot costumes are a really cost effective way to market your brand, company or product. Frenzy Creative make all of their mascot costumes in the UK.

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