Mascot Maker Frenzy Creative – bespoke mascots in the UK

Frenzy Creative Mascot Maker – based in Manchester UK.

They specialise in making mascot costumes to provided designs, or they even design costumes for clients – in conventional 2D software and now in 3D.

Over the last few years, Frenzy have become a mascot maker to be contended with in the UK. They have worked with many high profile clients (for example BBC Children in Need, BSkyB etc) and are a mascot maker which utilise the skills and resources that many of the more expensive (London Based) mascot maker utilise.

A good example, are the mascot costumes created for London Zoo

A Mascot maker to Wildlife Trusts and Zoos - Frenzy Creative
Mascot Maker Frenzy Creative created 4 character costumes for London Zoo.

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